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High-Quality Residential and Commercial Painters in Melton, Victoria and Surrounding Areas

Whether residential or commercial painting – getting your property painted is a challenging task. You want the project done efficiently, effectively, with minimum hassle, and with long-lasting results. This is why choosing the right painters to get the job done is of the essence. A competent, professional painting service will save you time, by getting the job done as smoothly as possible, and money by getting you the best rates and right quality products that last a long time.

We, at Melton Vic Painters, recognize the importance of getting the job done in the best way possible. Our primary aim is to provide quality, customized service at the best prices to our customers. With over 20 years of experience of painting the interiors/ exteriors of residential and commercial properties throughout the area of Melton Victoria, you can be sure that we are more than capable of taking on any painting job there is.

Quality First

Why Choose Us for Your Next Painting Project

While the reasons above are all compelling arguments for why you should choose us, you as a potential customer, have no way of knowing how much of what we have said is true.

If you are in doubt, then let us tell you that most of our jobs come through word-of-mouth and the bulk of our business is comprised of customers we have had long-term relationships with based on mutual respect and trust. So, if you want to know if we deliver on the claims we have made here, you can look at our customer reviews to get an idea of what their experience was like.

If you are anywhere in Melton, Sunbury, Taylors’ Hill or the surrounding western suburbs, and are looking to get a painting job done, contact us today. We are open seven days a week and respond with a quote within 48 hours of the inquiry being sent.

We promise you; we will turn your painting job into a delightful experience for you and deliver you a quality product, customized to your requirements down to the smallest of details.


The guys from Melton Vic Painters id an amazing job - painted inside of my restaurant and touhed up the outside facade as well. Couldn't be anymore happier! Mark C.

We wanted to repaint our entire house. Prices were very competitive and we hired MVP to do the job. We are over the moon - soooo, so happy with the results. Will recommend to everyone. Trina & Josh S.

Client Since 1995

Amazing customer services and premium painting service! Will call again. Peter D.

Client Since 1995

The guys painted our outdoor decking and back fence. Looks amazing now! Thank you so much. Rachel O.

Years of experience


Jobs Painted

We Promise High-Quality Painting Service

There are numerous reasons why you should consider us for your next painting job anywhere in and around the areas of Melton. Here’s why you won’t regret having us as your painters:

Professional Team of Painters

Our painters have experience and extensive knowledge of the market. This means, regardless of how challenging a job is, our team of painters is up to the task. Additionally, we recognize that painting can often be an intrusive job where are our painters might require access to your homes or other private spaces. Each of our team members makes it their priority to be respectful, professional, and minimally intrusive while they get the job done as quickly as possible.

High-Quality Paint and Tools

The difference between a lousy paint job and a great one is often the quality of paint and tools used. You can rest assured that at Melton Vic Painters, we use the highest quality of paint and the best newest tools in the market to ensure we deliver a superior finished product.

Punctual, Efficient Service

Often, customers complain of how painters gave them a start time, a timeline, and a finishing date, yet nothing happened as stated. We recognize the importance of getting things done as promised. Therefore, we make it a priority to start as promised, work efficiently with minimum hassle to you, and end the job by the date given.

Competitive Painting Prices

Often, companies offering quality products and services, along with a competent workforce, will demand exorbitant rates as compensation. Such is not the case with us. With two decades of experience in the market, we have the market relations and knowledge to help us get the best rates, which we then pass on to our customers in the shape of competitive prices.

100% Customer Satisfaction

From the first call we get from our customer to wrapping up the job, our focus is understanding the needs of our clients and delivering a finished product just like they envisioned. For this reason, we guarantee absolute customer satisfaction to each one of our customers.

Tailored Painting Quotes

We believe in making sure that we charge our customers only that which is precisely reflective of the painting job they have given us. Therefore, when you call us, instead of just listing our standard quotes, we ask about the nature and scale of the job and accordingly calculate a quote specific to the job to be done.

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