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Professional Deck Painting Service in Melton Victoria and nearby areas

Are you feeling frustrated about taking on the difficult task of painting your deck? It might sound like a simple task at first, but it can be quite challenging and time-consuming. For a high-quality finish, it would be better to opt for a professional deck painting service. DIY painting jobs often end up with a low-quality finish and messy with smudges here and there. This is where we come in – leave all your deck painting needs to us! 

Our highly trained and experienced crew can give you the result you deserve. We take pride in our high-quality paint jobs and the smiles of our customers as they become the envy of their neighbourhood. A neatly painted deck can not only give you great satisfaction but can also significantly increase the value of your house.

We all know how harsh the weather conditions can be in Melton and Melbourne Victoria in general. Before we lay down a single drop of paint, we always analyse the requirements at hand and provide our services, keeping all of the details in mind. If you are seeking professional deck painting services, then look no further than Melton Vic Painters. We guarantee complete satisfaction!

Quality First

Our Deck Painting Services

At Melton Vic Painters, we take pride in having only professional painters who have a lot of experience working on different surfaces. We are committed to providing you beautiful looking painted decking that last long and look great for years to come.

We take several factors into account before we start painting to ensure that all the fundamental details are met. Some people love their decks to be bright and eye-catching, whereas others favour a more rustic look and feel. By applying a coat of oil or stain, we can pull the visual elements together and give it a very natural look.

Painting isn’t just about providing a visual aesthetic. It also helps to remove gaps and cracks on your deck boards and make it look like you just installed it yesterday. This is why we always focus on a durable finish so that as time goes by, it will be easier for you to clean and protect it efficiently and effectively.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Deck Painter

High quality and affordable services

Specialised services for your unique needs

Zero messes or over spraying

A detailed consultation to give you the painted deck of your dreams

5-year warranty for any peeling or fading issues you may have

Our Professional Approach

We always make it a point to discuss the various facets of painting with our customers so that they know what all options are available and how we can tackle the problem together. From colour options, finished, fixes and more, we can help you make your deck as right as new and stunning to look at for years to come.

At MVP, our services at a very reasonable and affordable price because we know you had to work hard for your money.

We believe in putting quality over price and take great pride in offering cost-effective yet high-quality solutions for any of your paint-related needs

Why Should You Get Your Deck Painted by Melton Vic Painters?

A weathered and old deck can make your house look dull and unappealing not just for others but for yourself and your family. It also breaks apart over time as it won’t be able to withstand different weather conditions.

A repainted deck, on the other hand, uplifts your spirits and makes you want to spend more time outdoors. It can also make your house more inviting for guests and friends and allow you to host get-togethers and other social events without feeling embarrassed.

With our specialized services, you can also increase its longevity and ensure that it’s well protected against the harsh sunlight, rain and snow. With proper coating, you will be able to prevent it from rotting and mould. So why wait? Call us today for expert deck painting services.

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If you have any deck painting needs, let us know, and we will have our best experts on the job. You can let them know what your needs are and they will help you to get your deck looking as good as new at the best price you can get today. All you have to do is call us or fill our online form, and we’ll be on our way.


The guys from Melton Vic Painters id an amazing job - painted inside of my restaurant and touhed up the outside facade as well. Couldn't be anymore happier! Mark C.

We wanted to repaint our entire house. Prices were very competitive and we hired MVP to do the job. We are over the moon - soooo, so happy with the results. Will recommend to everyone. Trina & Josh S.

Client Since 1995

Amazing customer services and premium painting service! Will call again. Peter D.

Client Since 1995

The guys painted our outdoor decking and back fence. Looks amazing now! Thank you so much. Rachel O.

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