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Professional, Exterior Commercial Painting Service in Melton, Victoria and surrounding western suburbs of Melbourne

Having accumulated years of experience working in the field, Melton Vic Painters is more than capable of painting the exterior of your structure, whether its school, corporate building, workplace, or business. We are one of the go-to services for anyone who needs exterior commercial painting in Melton.

It doesn’t matter if it’s small offices and shops or large apartment and commercial buildings, we can paint it with high-quality results.

We have already painted many facades for small shop owners or painting over unwanted graffiti. For full repaint of a multi-story building, we also have plenty of finished projects for such. 

Quality First

Exterior Commercial Painting – How We Can Help You

We are a company that is fully equipped for exterior commercial painting. Combining that with the technical knowledge gained from years of experience and studying, you can always expect high-quality exterior commercial painting jobs from us. We are a company that understands:

  • All the provisions related to power, scaffolding, booms, and council requirements.
  • All the intricacies related to Safe Work Method Statements.
  • The need to communicate with the staff, third parties, and the affected public as we carry out the painting job.
  • The need to be polite, respectful, and work quietly while on your premises.

OH&S Compliant Painters

We fully understand the importance and implementation of Occupational Health And Safety (OH&S) when doing exterior painting jobs. Because of such, we carefully lay out the approach before picking up a paintbrush. If there’s a need to meet council requirements and work with power companies (e.g., like working on a public footpath), you can trust us to do that part like so many times we have done in the past.

We also have experience tackling complex jobs that will require scaffolding and booms. Sometimes, we have to work with power companies to cover power lines or isolate power to create a safe working environment. With us, you can be sure that all of the OH&S requirements are being met and implemented.


If you contact Melton Vic Painters right now, you can obtain a FREE one-hour and no-obligation colour consultancy for accepted jobs amounting to more than $5,000. This free consultancy is a crucial element for converting that theme or design in your mind into reality.

Professional Exterior Commercial Painting 

Why You Need To Hire Melton Vic Painters

Save time

Just because you can pick up a paintbrush, it doesn’t mean that you can finish the job quickly. In the end, you are likely going to waste time. It’s much more efficient to let the professionals do the job while investing your time into something more productive.

No need to buy equipment

A proper painting job will require equipment. If you want to do it in-house, then you will have to purchase these tools. However, it makes little sense to acquire expensive equipment that you won’t be using regularly. Keep in mind that repainting only needs to be done once every couple of years. 

High-quality results

Painting is ultimately both an art and science. If you want high-quality and presentable results, it will require technical knowledge and practice. Hiring professionals means you can get the results that you want, without having to spend effort on training and learning all the technical painting aspects. 

Avoid accidents

Exterior painting can be a dangerous job as you will likely need to paint surfaces at high places. If you are not experienced with the work, then it’s easy to get into accidents. Professionals already know the hazards of the job and how to prevent or minimize accidents from happening. 

Avoid legal problems

Most people don’t realize that hiring anyone to do the painting job can result in a legal nightmare. All it takes is one accident, and you could be liable for legal and medical bills that will severely cripple your business or your finances. With a professional company, there’s little to worry about as there’s insurance to cover for such events. 

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Melton Vic Painters is proud to be among the leading companies in Melton to provide exterior painting services for industrial, commercial or residential structures. Get in touch with us through an online form or phone number. In fact, why don’t you contact us right now and ask us how we can help you. 


The guys from Melton Vic Painters id an amazing job - painted inside of my restaurant and touhed up the outside facade as well. Couldn't be anymore happier! Mark C.

We wanted to repaint our entire house. Prices were very competitive and we hired MVP to do the job. We are over the moon - soooo, so happy with the results. Will recommend to everyone. Trina & Josh S.

Client Since 1995

Amazing customer services and premium painting service! Will call again. Peter D.

Client Since 1995

The guys painted our outdoor decking and back fence. Looks amazing now! Thank you so much. Rachel O.

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