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Professional Fence Painting Service in Melton Victoria and nearby areas

Melton, Victoria, and it’s surrounding areas has the most beautiful residences in Victoria. The houses are well designed and embody the character of the next generation of home and living. Speaking of beautifully designed homes, fences speak a lot about the beauty of your house. Even if your house is simple; it will look spectacular in the eyes of viewers so long as it has a fence that’s painted to perfection.

If you’re getting envious about the fence of your neighbour next door, there’s no need to be anymore. We, Melton Vic Painters, will be glad to help.

Quality First

Our Fence Painting Services

Our fence painting services are one of the best. At MVP we crafted this art to perfection so that we are incomparable to others. As a result, clients in Melton Victoria, and its surrounding areas wholeheartedly trust us. Our painters have helped various families to achieve the house of their dreams even though they’re a bit tight on budget.

So how did our painters do this? Simple, we made their fence look great. A fence that’s appealing to the eye helps to improve the overall look of a house regardless of whether it’s old or new. Using colour motifs relevant to a house’s look, we painted the fences of our clients in a way that makes their humble abode stand out.

Of course, we do not use cheap paints. Rest assured that your fence will only be receiving quality paints available in the market today coming from reputable brands such as Cuprinol, Ronseal, and Sadolin.

Contact us now and get to know more about our premium fence painting services that come at a low cost!

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Fence Painter

An expansive array of painting designs in our catalogues with complete details

We only use premium paints from the most reputable brands in the market

Long-lasting paint job without over sprays

Highly professional and competent painters

An efficient and effective painting service

Colour discussion and consultation

Knowledgeable and Competent: Trust Our Expert Fence Painters

Our fence painters are not only familiar with the most effective and efficient methods in giving life to your fence but are also knowledgeable with different fence paint solutions. Our painters are known for their competence in the industry. They would not only paint your fence but advise on the best approach to making your paint beautiful and lasting for a long time.

Timber and metal fence might be hard to work with but know that our painters know the best approach for these. Before working, they will first decide which kind of paint to use depending on the conditions of the environment of your residence, the type of timber or metal used for your fence, and other factors. By doing this, we prevent the risk of costly mistakes from happening.

Aside from timber and metal fence painting, our painters also work with steel, iron, brick and render, and Colorbound fences. We will be more than happy to help you if you’re afraid to work with these types of fences on your own.

Allow Your Fence to Look New All The Time: Update Your Fence’s Look 

Whether it’s timber or metal, we will not have any problems in making your fence look fresh and new. We have a wide array of paints in different colours that would not compromise your preferences. Tell us your preferred design and our painters will scour our inventory for the relevant paint colours. Aside from this, the paints that our painters use on our client’s fences do not quickly fade and ensures that your front yard’s fence will be appealing to the eyes of passer-by’s for a long time. 

If ever you suddenly realize that the paint job on your fence suddenly fades because of extreme weather or other natural causes, you are more than welcome to contact us. All our fence painting services are covered by a warranty to guarantee the longevity and value of all our clients’ investment.

Our Work Ethic: Listen First, Advise Later!

We adhere to the rule that aside from quality service, an excellent work ethic is crucial for building a successful business. Our painters are employed not only for their skills but also for their attitude at work. The painters working under us are good-natured professionals who consider their clients’ preferences before doing their jobs.

This means that they’re more than happy to engage in discussions with our clients. As a client, there’s no need to hold yourself back and let our painters hear your thoughts. Is there a particular colour that you want your fence to have? Is there a specific style of fence painting that you wish for our painters to follow? Tell them your preferences and they will listen first before giving you expert advice.

Of course, please do not get offended if their advice goes against your ideas for your fence. Still, you should know that our painters want the best for you. Therefore, if you’re willing to trust their decisions, they will exhaust every means to meet your expectations.

Doing Things Melton Vic Painters Way: Our Process 

You may avail of our services instantly online by visiting our website. Upon arriving, you may get an estimate of the cost of your fence painting by sending a message. Afterwards, we will call you and request a discussion of the project details right on the phone. We may also ask you to meet us on-site if the project details are more delicate or complicated.   

After talking with you, we will send you your full and detailed quote within 24 hours. Also, the commencement of the work will entirely depend on your preferred date and hours of the month. 

Rest assured that once the fence painting commences, our painters will see it through to the end. Also, they will not work just for compliance’s sake but will work to give you the best results. After the paint job finishes, you may contact us again in case you need to avail of the warranty. 

Hire Our Fence Painters Today!

Are you ready to make your fence prettier? If so, contact us now or send a form through our website and let us do things the right way!


The guys from Melton Vic Painters id an amazing job - painted inside of my restaurant and touhed up the outside facade as well. Couldn't be anymore happier! Mark C.

We wanted to repaint our entire house. Prices were very competitive and we hired MVP to do the job. We are over the moon - soooo, so happy with the results. Will recommend to everyone. Trina & Josh S.

Client Since 1995

Amazing customer services and premium painting service! Will call again. Peter D.

Client Since 1995

The guys painted our outdoor decking and back fence. Looks amazing now! Thank you so much. Rachel O.

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