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Professional, Interior Commercial Painting Service in Melton, Victoria and surrounding western suburbs of Melbourne

If you are planning to undertake an interior painting project for your business premises, worry not. There is a company near you in Melton, Victoria eager to lend a helping hand.   

At Melton Vic Painters, we are keen to paint your residential and commercial properties. We are experienced, competent, and diligently handle any interior commercial painting project regardless of where your premises are located, in Melton or surrounding western suburbs of Melbourne. 

We have, over the years, painted small shops and offices interiors and even large commercial buildings; the size of your commercial buildings does not matter. We offer our large clientele base-wide collection of commercial interior services. We not only paint offices, rentals, but also redecorate learning institutions, community buildings, and retirement centres. 

Quality First

Interior Commercial Painting – How We Can Help You

We don’t just secure and sign a commercial interior painting contract and get started right away. We plan the entire project and put in place proper workplace safety measures. For instance, we put into consideration the health and safety of our staff, those using the premises and third parties. We work diligently to alleviate workplace noises and disruptions. MVP is cautious about the materials we use for the entire commercial interior painting project. We work hand in hand with our customers and ensure we pick the right paints for the indoor job. Our team will go on and ensure paint fumes will not pose any health issues to your tenants or customers. Most importantly, we will undertake this project during the weekend or late during the day when no one is around the premises.

OH&S Compliant Painters

We want this project to be a success, and we will settle on a Safe Work Method Statement that will guide us in our undertakings. For instance, we will close in the surfaces we are painting and avert any unnecessary access. These safety measures will help reduce possibilities of accidents or issues like your staffs or third parties coming into contact with wet paint. Always have a clear plan for painting busy spaces. For instance, we will paint your receptions or workplaces on weekends to minimize accidents and any form of disruption.

We use all the resources at hand and our expertise to deliver top-quality results. We work diligently to keep any catastrophes at bay.


There is more we have in store for you than just commercial interior painting services. Feel free to contact us at Melton Vic Painters, and take advantage of a free one-hour consultation with our team of painting experts.

We have you covered, and especially if looking for interior commercial painting projects that will cost you more than $5,000. We guarantee you that this no-obligation meeting with our staff is a wise decision to make. You will assertively seek services that will satisfy your needs and preferences.

Why Hire a Professional Commercial Interior Painter

High-quality Results

A professional commercial interior painter is well-trained, experienced and educated to provide high-quality and long-lasting results. The painters you work with will use the right tools, know the best type of paint to use, and the most appropriate techniques to utilize for the project at hand. The results are incredible and will satisfy your requirements.

Licensed and Insured

The best professional painters you decide to work with should be licensed and insured. Melton Vic Painters experts can save you a lot of distress in the event of a workplace accident or catastrophe. We will be able to correct any misunderstanding that might occur. Any damage that occurs is covered, and you don’t have to incur any extra expenses. 

Save Time

There is a lot to undertake before you commence the entire interior painting project. If you choose a professional, you will save more time you could spend prepping the building to be painted or choosing the best paints. Don’t go through the stress of DIY and waste crucial time. 

Save More Money

Commercial interior painting service rates could be a bit higher, but don’t fret. The professional painter you choose will help you save even extra money. You will get the correct estimates on supplies, save on labour, and insurance. You will not have to undertake costly follow-up repairs as the work will be done efficiently. Professional painters don’t have any hidden charges that might tamper with your project budget.

Reliable and Competent

Professional interior painters will be there for you at the moment of need. You will as well trust their decisions as they are well-acquainted with the field. The painters you work with will be there from the start to the completion of the project. They will work hard and thoroughly and ensure the project is completed with a stipulated deadline.

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The guys from Melton Vic Painters id an amazing job - painted inside of my restaurant and touhed up the outside facade as well. Couldn't be anymore happier! Mark C.

We wanted to repaint our entire house. Prices were very competitive and we hired MVP to do the job. We are over the moon - soooo, so happy with the results. Will recommend to everyone. Trina & Josh S.

Client Since 1995

Amazing customer services and premium painting service! Will call again. Peter D.

Client Since 1995

The guys painted our outdoor decking and back fence. Looks amazing now! Thank you so much. Rachel O.

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